Staff Directory

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Andrew Allegro Special Education                     
Zachary Allen English Language Arts, Cluster 1
Hend Altalli Arabic
Heidi Baildon-Rass ESL
Stephanie Barker Instructional Assistant
Ruth Beauvois
Content Curator/Door Monitor
Drew Bowman Instructioan Assistant
Laurie Brackett Administrative Assistant/Computer Operator
Courtney Braese Reading
Macullen Byham Orchestra Director
Edward Cafua Mathematics, Cluster 5
Anne Marie Cardillo Administrative Assistant/Guidance Secretary
Annemarie Carey Instructional Assistant
Susan Carle Assistant Principal
Shane Carreiro Special Education
Holly Carroll-Cachimuel Spanish
Lorie Caruso Instructional Assistant 
Shephali Chokshi Math Coach
Thomas Cloherty Guidance Counselor, Grade 7
Christopher Cochran Reading Specialist
Ashley Cohen Guidance Counselor, Grade 8
Kara Conceison English Language Arts, Cluster 2
Mary Connolly Sullivan Special Education, Cluster 4
Christopher Cotreau Instructional Assistant
Maureen Craig Cafeteria Manager
Jessie Daigneault Science, Cluster 1
Patrick Dayton Special Education, Cluster 3
Aine Dirrane English Language Arts, Cluster 6
Kendal Donase Social Worker
Brian Donato Special Education
James Duffy Special Education, Cluster 1
Abigail Varsos Music/Drama/Chorus
Elizabeth Espinosa Special Education 
Margaret Ferguson-Maltzman Science, Cluster 2
Ellen Fitanides English Language Arts, Cluster 3
Sheila Gilmartin ESL
Jay Gonsalves Instructional Assistant
Stephanis Grand Pierre Instructional Assistant
Megan Griffin Special Education
Ruth Henry Spanish
Thomas Johnson Physical Education
Sarah Juusola Evaluation Team Chair
Rachel Kaczowka Spanish
Jacob Kaplan Instructional Assistant
Erika Kelly Instructional Assistant
Lauren Kelly Instructional Assistant
Kathleen Kiernan Special Education, Cluster 6
James Kirkcaldy Social Studies, Cluster 3
Michael Kirstein Instructional Assistant
Karen Kline Civics, Cluster 6
Angela Kuzemczak Italian
Michelle Laracy Nurse 
Nicole Lewis Health
Megan Lipson Social Studies, Cluster 1
Kerri Lorigan Social Studies, Cluster 4
Matthew Loughran Technology Education, Engineering, and Design
Karen MacAulay Science, Cluster 4
Ross macone  LTS Italian Teacher
Ivy Madden Instructional Assistant
Aram Manoukian Mathematics, Cluster 6
Breana Cole Librarian
Donna Martin Principal
Philip Martin Mathematics, Cluster 4
Tony Massoratti Senior Custodian
Christopher McDermott Social Studies, Cluster 2
Lisa McDonagh English Language Arts, Cluster 4
Brooke McInerney Social Worker
Shannon McLaughlin Physical Education
Lori Murphy Special Education, Cluster 2
Michael Oldenberg  LTS Reading Teacher
Ann Palermo Mathematics, Cluster 1
Zara Rix ESL
Richard Saunders K-12 Fine, Applied and Performing Arts Coordinator
Sarah Schoenbeck ESL
Sarah Seldomridge School Psychologist
June Seong Instructional Assistant
Lisa Sherwood Instructional Assistant
Laura Shock Social Studies, Cluster 6
Daniel Skop English Language Arts, Cluster 5
Amanda Skypeck Guidance Counselor, Grade 6
Heather Smith Science, Cluster 3
Laurie Smith Instructional Assistant
Sara Sokolove Speech and Language Pathologist
Christine Sorenson Special Education
Christina Spicer Mathematics, Cluster 3
Kellie Spillane Literacy Coach
Sarita Spillert Digital Learning Support Specialist (6-12)
Karen Stern Art
Michael Stewart School Resource Officer
Alison Tammaro Mathematics, Cluster 2
Maxwell Thew Band and Percussion Director
Elissa Willoughby Science, Cluster 5
Elisheva Zuckerberg Reading

Last update: 11/5/2020