Staff Directory

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Andrew Allegro Special Education                               [email protected]
Zachary Allen English Language Arts, Cluster 1  [email protected]
Hend Altalli Arabic  [email protected]
Heidi Baildon-Rass ESL  [email protected]
Stephanie Barker Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Ruth Beauvois
Content Curator/Door Monitor  [email protected]
Drew Bowman Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Laurie Brackett Administrative Assistant/Computer Operator  [email protected]
Courtney Braese Reading  [email protected]
 Alex Brenon-Hodas  Digital Learning/IT Technician  [email protected]
Macullen Byham Orchestra Director  [email protected]
Edward Cafua Mathematics, Cluster 5  [email protected]
Anne Marie Cardillo Administrative Assistant/Guidance Secretary  [email protected]
Annemarie Carey Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Susan Carle Assistant Principal  susan[email protected]
Shane Carreiro Special Education  [email protected]
Holly Carroll-Cachimuel Spanish  [email protected]
Lorie Caruso Instructional Assistant  [email protected] 
Shephali Chokshi Math Coach  [email protected]
Thomas Cloherty Guidance Counselor, Grade 7  [email protected]
Christopher Cochran Reading Specialist  [email protected]
Ashley Cohen Guidance Counselor, Grade 8  [email protected]
 Breana Cole  Librarian  [email protected]
Kara Conceison English Language Arts, Cluster 2  [email protected]
Mary Connolly Sullivan Special Education, Cluster 4  [email protected]
Christopher Cotreau Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Maureen Craig Cafeteria Manager  [email protected]
Jessie Daigneault Science, Cluster 1  [email protected]
Patrick Dayton Special Education, Cluster 3  [email protected]
Aine Dirrane English Language Arts, Cluster 6  [email protected]
Kendal Donase Social Worker  [email protected]
Brian Donato Special Education  [email protected]
James Duffy Special Education, Cluster 1  [email protected]
 Gregory DuMont  Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Abigail Varsos Music/Drama/Chorus  [email protected]
Elizabeth Espinosa Special Education [email protected] 
Margaret Ferguson-Maltzman Science, Cluster 2  [email protected]
Ellen Fitanides English Language Arts, Cluster 3  [email protected]
Sheila Gilmartin ESL  [email protected]
Jay Gonsalves Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
 Billy Gonzalez  LTS Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Megan Griffin Special Education  [email protected]
Thomas Johnson Physical Education  [email protected]
Sarah Juusola Evaluation Team Chair  sarah[email protected]
Rachel Kaczowka Spanish  [email protected]
Jacob Kaplan Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Erika Kelly Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Lauren Kelly Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Kathleen Kiernan Special Education, Cluster 6  [email protected]
James Kirkcaldy Social Studies, Cluster 3  [email protected]
Michael Kirstein Instructional Assistant  michael[email protected]
Karen Kline Civics, Cluster 6  [email protected]
Angela Kuzemczak Italian  [email protected]
Michelle Laracy Nurse  [email protected] 
Nicole Lewis Health  [email protected]
Megan Lipson Social Studies, Cluster 1  megan[email protected]
Kerri Lorigan Social Studies, Cluster 4  [email protected]
Matthew Loughran Technology Education, Engineering, and Design  [email protected]
Karen MacAulay Science, Cluster 4  [email protected]
Ross Macone  Math Tutor [email protected]
Ivy Madden Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Aram Manoukian Mathematics, Cluster 6  [email protected]
Donna Martin Principal  [email protected]
Philip Martin Mathematics, Cluster 4  [email protected]
Tony Massoratti Senior Custodian  [email protected]
Christopher McDermott Social Studies, Cluster 2  [email protected]
Lisa McDonagh English Language Arts, Cluster 4  [email protected]
Brooke McInerney Social Worker  [email protected]
Shannon McLaughlin Physical Education  [email protected]
Lori Murphy Special Education, Cluster 2  [email protected]
Ann Palermo Mathematics, Cluster 1  [email protected]
Zara Rix ESL  [email protected]
Richard Saunders K-12 Fine, Applied and Performing Arts Coordinator  richard[email protected]
Sarah Schoenbeck ESL  [email protected]
Sarah Seldomridge School Psychologist  [email protected]
June Seong Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Lisa Sherwood Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Laura Shock Social Studies, Cluster 6  [email protected]
Daniel Skop English Language Arts, Cluster 5  [email protected]
Amanda Skypeck Guidance Counselor, Grade 6  [email protected]
Heather Smith Science, Cluster 3  [email protected]
Laurie Smith Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Sara Sokolove Speech and Language Pathologist  [email protected]
Christine Sorenson Special Education  [email protected]
Christina Spicer Mathematics, Cluster 3  [email protected]
Kellie Spillane Literacy Coach  [email protected]
Sarita Spillert Digital Learning Support Specialist (6-12)  sarita[email protected]
Karen Stern Art  [email protected]
Michael Stewart School Resource Officer  michael[email protected]
 Alex Strongin  Special Education [email protected]
Alison Tammaro Mathematics, Cluster 2  [email protected]
Maxwell Thew Band and Percussion Director  [email protected]
Elissa Willoughby Science, Cluster 5  [email protected]
Elisheva Zuckerberg Reading  [email protected]

Last update: 11/5/2020