WMS Will Have a New Mural

WMS will have a new mural
Posted on 09/16/2019
WMS muralHave you noticed the new artwork in our courtyard? Would you like to learn more about it?
Last year our 8th grade class chose to donate a mural as their class gift and began working on the concept with Ms. Henry. The mural, which will be created this year, will use the monarch butterfly symbol popularized by artist Favianna Rodriguez to celebrate our many different stories of migration. Over the next few months we will be collecting, drawing and writing these stories from across our school community into butterfly wings.
To start us off, two new pieces of artwork have been added to our school courtyard. One is a sculpture by Ms. Henry called We Keep Crossing. This sculpture also uses the monarch butterfly symbol to share migration stories. It explores how the brave act of sharing our stories creates windows through the invisible and visible walls that divide different groups. It also shows the contagious power of stories and how, as our collective voice gains courage, our shared stories can eventually crumble these walls.
The second piece of artwork is a mural created last week by Colombian mural artist Lina Diosa. She has created murals in many different countries across our Americas. This new one is titled Rizomas, which means Rhyzomes in English. Rhyzomes are plants whose roots intertwine with the roots of other plants. Even though they are attached to different kinds of plants they all help each other grow. This is a metaphor for what we want to happen in our community. 
Rizomas also has some butterfly cocoons hanging from the rhyzome flowers. Eventually, a butterfly trail of our stories will fly out of these cocoons, through the courtyard door, around the bend, and up the staircase as part of our full mural to come. 

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