D.C. Trip

D.C. Trip
Posted on 05/04/2022

Upcoming Grade 8 DC trip Dates 


Tuesday, April 26th - Give out final payment form and med forms in homeroom. (see link below).

Monday, May 2nd - Final payment due. (See link below)

Wednesday, May 4th - Parent/Caregiver meeting (Zoom) 6:00 pm.


Thursday, May 5th - Student meeting (what to pack, what to wear, how to behave, example itinerary of the week, money) - auditorium during 8th-grade WIN.


Thursday, May 12th- During WIN in the cafe- submit roommates - everyone’s payments must be in, must all write the same 2 or 4 names. 


Friday, May 13th - All med forms due. (see link below)
WPS Med Order Form 2021.pdf


Tuesday, May 31st - Meet with chaperones and finalize chaperone groups & busses.


Friday, June 3rd - Finalize Details with students briefly during WIN. 


Monday, June 6th - Check-in in the morning - fill out form for luggage, tell kids their chaperone and bus.